Professional Training Courses in Malta By An ISO Expert

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All training courses in Malta are delivered by Luke himself, thus, getting the benefit of working with him and profiting from his wealth of knowledge and experience.


Covering every aspect of the management system, from how to create SOPs to the best way to conduct internal auditing.

100% ISO Success Rate

In Luke's 12 years of service, no client has failed to achieve ISO certification after implementing Luke's quality management systems.

Tailor-made Training Courses in Malta

Luke understands that this is not a one-size-fits-all situation. Each course is tailored to suit your business and staff’s unique needs!

WHAT IS ISO Training?

ISO training goes part-and-parcel with maintaining quality standards and an efficiently operated business. 

Through expertly-led training, which applies ISO theory to real-life scenarios, your management and employees will be given the right tools and knowledge to run any business with a consistent level of excellence.   

Covering from management strategy to the employee’s individual roles within the Management System, Luke’s bespoke training ensures a smooth transition into an ISO-approved and compliant system.

Types of Training

ISO 9001 Self-Assessment Checklist

Acquire funding to help finance your training

As a Malta Enterprise approved advisor, Luke can help his clients reap the full benefits of currently available funding. Applicable to any business based in Malta, the Government of Malta’s current funding schemes have never been better. The precise amount depending on your company’s size and ownership structure. 

For more information about these training courses in Malta, simply get in touch for a free consultation session! Luke will help you to make the most of the best available funding incentives applicable to your business.

ISO 9001 Self-Assessment Checklist

Acquire funding to help finance your training

Luke’s approval as a Malta Enterprise approved advisor means that his clients can reap the full benefits of currently available funding schemes. Find out whether you are eligible for funding by getting in touch with Luke!
Training courses in Malta

Holistic Training

Focus on Various Management Systems

Getting you and your staff tailor-made training is all part of becoming ISO certified and maintaining regulatory compliance. To help your employees embrace a new system based on ISO standards, Luke will tailor these training courses in Malta to suit both managerial and employee needs. Throughout this training sessions, Luke will focus on various aspects of the management systems, including how to create and carry out standard operating procedures (SOPs), internal auditing and ISO refresher courses.  

Bespoke Courses

Training That Suits Your Staff

When considering ISO training courses in Malta, you will require different courses to suit a variety of roles within your organisation. Fortunately, Luke is able to mould his training courses for each situation and role! In order to address each facet of the management system effectively, his training courses cover from strategy training for your managerial staff to helping your employees adapt to their respective roles within the management system. You’ll even be able to choose how this training is conducted, whether that is in person or online. 

Training courses in Malta

Frequently Asked Questions

Training your management and employees will ensure that all of you management systems are being properly applied. Without the right training, your staff will lack the knowledge and the clarity that ensures that all systems continue to run smoothly and efficiently. 

You have full-control over the way your ISO training is delivered. According to your preference and convenience, you may choose between having it done online or in-person at your company premises. 

All training courses in Malta are delivered by Luke Desira himself. You’ll never be assigned to a junior management system consultant but will have the peace-of-mind that all of your company training is being delivered by an expert in management systems who holds over 12 years of experience. 

The content and precise duration of the training varies from client to client, depending on your organisation’s unique needs. 

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