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100% Success Rate & Money-Back Guarantee

Luke puts his money where his mouth is. In his 12 years of service, no client of Luke's has failed to achieve ISO certification. So, if you fail to attain ISO certification after implementing Luke's quality management systems, you will receive a full refund on your investment.

Malta Enterprise approved Advisor

Luke is a Malta Enterprise approved advisor, enabling his clients to benefit from the multiple funding schemes offered by Malta Enterprise. Luke will be able to confirm if you are eligible for funding with just a 15 minute call.

Maximise Your Time

Life is complex enough. With Luke's time efficient system, 25 hours per group is all you'll require to implement these management system. Only 1 group for small companies. Larger organizations might need more than 1 group - this is confirmed on the first meeting.

Results-driven Management System

Luke's philosophy avoids bureaucratic procedures and unnecessary paperwork. He focuses on making it easier to run your business, and not harder. He'll even handle all the paperwork for ISO certification himself. After all, he is the leading ISO certification consultant in Malta.

What is iso certification all about?

ISO Certification was established by ISO (International Standards Organisation) to create a universally recognised bar of quality management systems. This was done to provide peace of mind to business stakeholders, including customers, regulators, and shareholders – ensuring that one’s business is in-line with a certain level of quality. 

Essentially, for you to attain ISO Certification, you would need to undergo a robust exercise that sets up efficient procedures and quality checks across the running of your business operations. This is done to ensure your business operates efficiently, with a focus on maintaining quality standards in the way you work.  

Types of Iso Certification

ISO 9001 Self-Assessment Checklist


As a Malta Enterprise approved advisor, Luke can help his clients reap the full benefits of currently available funding. Applicable to any business based in Malta, the Government of Malta’s current funding schemes have never been better. The precise amount depending on your company’s size and ownership structure. 

For more information, simply get in touch for a free consultation session! Luke will help you to make the most of the best available funding incentives applicable to your business.

ISO 9001 Self-Assessment Checklist


Luke’s approval as a Malta Enterprise approved advisor means that his clients can reap the full benefits of currently available funding schemes. Find out whether you are eligible for funding by getting in touch with Luke!

The Process to obtain
and retain iso certification

Initial Consultation

Luke will meet with you to discuss your current business challenges and objectives in detail. If during the initial 15-minute phone call Luke feels that he can assist you in achieving your goals,  a free consultation session will be set up. Here, he will clarify the implementation process and let you know just how much funding your company is eligible for!

Funding application and approval

All documentation to obtain funding from the relevant government scheme is prepared, and you will then await the signed grant agreement. Receipt of this approval letter normally takes anywhere between 4 to 8 weeks.

Systems Mapping

Luke will map out your existing organisational processes, providing a birds eye view of all operational procedures. This is ideally executed with multiple stakeholders from your team, ensuring that Luke is able to understand the granular details of your operations. 

Gap analysis

Based on your existing systems and your stakeholder input, Luke outlines the clear gaps within your existing structure, in order to plug such gaps.

Systems Implementation

ISO Standard systems, operational procedures, and quality checks are implemented across the business. This ensures your business is operating in the leanest, most efficient manner possible – maintaining quality across the bar.

Internal Audit

During this stage, the internal structures and practices that have been implemented are examined. An internal audit and management review will be conducted to determine how the new structures and practices are working within the company, and what can be done to improve them. This ensures that the changes made to company practices are viable and can be maintained.

ISO Audit and Certification

An ISO certification body will conduct a full audit on your business to ensure that it is ISO compliant. If it is found compliant, an official certificate will be awarded, and your business will be recognised as ISO certified. If your business does not achieve certification, you will receive a full refund.

Annual Audit

Every 12 months, your business will be re-audited by the ISO certification body to ensure all standards have been up-kept. In doing so, you will ensure that your management system are kept running smoothly over the years and in turn the benefits of ISO certification are maintained for years to come.


Certification Bodies

When looking to get ISO certification, choosing to work with the right certification body is a crucial part of the process. It is important to make sure that your certification body is fully accredited, as only these entities are truly qualified to provide ISO certification.

Throughout his career, Luke has created internationally recognised management systems and in turn, has helped his clients to gain ISO certification with all of these internationally recognised certification bodies. Regardless of which certification body you choose to work with, Luke’s 100% money-back guarantee will always apply!

Approved ISO Certification Consultant in Malta

A High-Level Structure

The ‘Plan-Do-Check-Act’ Method

The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) ensures that each standard it publishes follows a High-Level Structure (HLS), thus allowing each standard to be easily integrated between systems of varying disciplines. To achieve a similar structure and approach, all ISO management system standards must have a set of 10 clauses and maintain a common approach: the ‘Plan-Do-Check-Act’ (PDCA) cycle. When followed and repeated, the PDCA cycle outlines a systematic and holistic approach to achieving regular improvements in all management processes.

Why get ISO Certified?

How Does it Benefit Your Organisation?

Getting ISO certification is more than simply achieving an international accreditation. It signals that your business maintains a high-level of quality and is a leader within its industry. In fact, the benefits of ISO reach far beyond your system of operations and will inevitably seep into each aspect of your business, including marketing and retail, employee commitment and strategic planning.  

As your company increases its level of efficiency and competency, your brand’s reputation will increase and earn a new found respect from stakeholders and competitors all over the world. Besides lending your company credibility, well-structured ISO systems will help your company lower its over-all costs, achieve a level of sustainability and consistently deliver a good quality service. Each ISO standard holds its own set of benefits, but all of them are designed to improve the working industries’s standards of excellence. 

Approved ISO Certification Consultant in Malta

Frequently Asked Questions

ISO stands for International Standardisation Organisation. The role of this organisation is to harmonise the various standardisation bodies around the world and ensure that seamless standards exist throughout. 

There are various ‘management systems’ issued by the ISO, including ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment), ISO 45001 (Health & Safety), and ISO 27001 (Information Security). Evidently, each management system caters for different needs, therefore the best ISO certification depends on your business’ needs. That said, ISO 9001 is the foundation of all other management systems and the best one to start with.

To get ISO certified, you will need to have a management system in place, conduct an internal audit and a management review meeting. Subsequently, you will need to speak with a certification body who will conduct a stage 1 audit, meaning a desk audit to evaluate that the required documentation is in place. This is followed by a stage 2 audit, an audit at your offices which is similar to what happens during an internal audit. 

After successfully passing through an external audit, you will be granted an ISO certificate and this is typically valid for 3 years. Once it expires, this will need to be renewed and replaced with the newest version of the standard. 

Only accredited certification bodies can provide ISO certification. Companies seeking to get ISO 9001 certification in Malta have quite a few options of local and international certification bodies. The various options all have their pros and cons and Luke can explain the choices available and ensure that you make the right choice for your business.

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