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With over a decade of experience across all industries and organization sizes, Luke is a business consultant in Malta who will help you to keep your management systems up-to-date and identify areas for improvement.


After gaining ISO certification, Luke will make sure that your management systems remain up-to-date and that you make the most of any opportunities for improvement.


Consultations will focus on the management project of your choice and may be extended necessary.

Keep it simple

Luke's philosophy avoids bureaucratic procedures and unnecessary paperwork. He focuses on making it easier to run your business, and not harder.

Be Proactive with Expert Consultation

Once ISO certification or compliance is achieved, it is time to focus on supporting what has been set up. Maintaining the systems and processes you have set up requires close monitoring of the applied management systems and ensuring that these continue to be refined and improved upon. For this to be effectively achieved, organisation will need to schedule a variety of assessments, internal audits and even employee training, to ensure the up-keep of all that has been successfully put into place.

This can prove to be a complex process for business owners who lack ISO expertise, and consultation sessions with Luke can guarantee that essential systems maintenance is conducted in a smooth and efficient manner. After all, he is a business consultant in Malta who has never failed a client.

ISO 9001 Self-Assessment Checklist


Luke’s approval as a Malta Enterprise approved advisor means that his clients can reap the full benefits of currently available funding schemes. Find out whether you are eligible for funding, by getting in touch with Luke!
ISO 9001 Self-Assessment Checklist


As a Malta Enterprise approved advisor, Luke can help his clients reap the full benefits of currently available funding. Applicable to any business based in Malta, the Government of Malta’s current funding schemes have never been better. The precise amount depending on your company’s size and ownership structure. 

For more information, simply get in touch for a free consultation session! Luke, as the #1 business consultant in Malta, will help you to make the most of the best available funding incentives applicable to your business.

Certification Bodies

Luke, as a business consultant in Malta, has worked with a full range of ISO certification bodies and has never failed to help his clients gain ISO accreditation. Through a combination of training and consultancy sessions, Luke will make sure your business is in shipshape to pass audits conducted by any certification body.

Business Consultant in Malta

Expert Consultancy

What To Expect from Your ISO Consultations

From solving pending issues within the company to implementing strategic tactics for growth, a broad scope of work can be achieved when working with a qualified and experienced consultant. Contrary to common misconception, gaining ISO certification does not mean the end of your systemisation efforts. Instead, maintaining your certification requires a vigilant approach and a drive towards consistent improvement.  

Facing annual audits and internal audits, working with Luke, being the best Business Consultant in Malta, will help you remain on track and achieve all of your business objectives effortlessly. Through bespoke bi-monthly meetings, you will ensure that your management systems have been up-kept and will continue finding opportunities for improvement and growth.

Consultancy Services

Focus on a Selection of Projects

Luke’s consultancy sessions are always tailored to suit your company’s unique needs. After gaining ISO certification, your organisation will need to keep refining its systems to maintain its accreditation, and one-to-one consultation sessions with Luke is one efficient way of crossing this off your to-do list! Here are just a few examples of what these bi-monthly consultation sessions can help you achieve: 

  • Allow business owners to take a step back, and work on their business rather than in it. 
  • Create business plans that are in accordance with the Malta Enterprise Standards to gain larger-scale funding for growth and sustainability. 
  • Implementing lean, black-belt projects to achieve measurable improvement on specific business processes. 
  • Assistance with the digitization of business processes by helping select and coordinate the implementation of custom, tailored or off-the-shelf software.
Business Consultant in Malta

Frequently Asked Questions

This service is limited to companies who are already ISO certified as a certain degree of maturity within the management system is a requisite for this service to be delivered. 

This service is typically executed through bi-monthly meetings. Yet, the extent and duration of the project will greatly depend on the needs of the customer. 

This work’s output is measured in Euros. From the first session, the client is given the option to engage the expert solely on a performance-based measure which uses a profit-sharing methodology. 


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