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ISO 9001 - quality management systems

ISO 9001 ToolKit

This toolkit is customised according to your company’s industry, size, and requirements

Luke Desira is a management systems specialist making him an expert in ISO standards. He has consolidated his 12 years of experience and knowledge into this easy-to-follow ISO 9001 Toolkit.  

This custom toolkit reflects Luke’s fail-proof approach and allows businesses to put Quality Management Systems in place and achieve ISO 9001 certification – effortlessly and efficiently.  

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Access to email Luke with any questions you have throughout this process.



Toolkit overview

Steps to get iso 9001 certified with this toolkit


Buy the toolkit and submit business info so that Luke can start working on your custom templates.


You will gain instant access to the foundation course, so you can watch the videos, complete the quiz, and receive a training certificate.


A week after purchasing you will receive the custom templates that Luke would have created for your specific needs.


You can review the templates and contact Luke to make any modifications that are needed.


Train your team who will be using the templates and ensure your staff finalise the documentation required (also known as system deployment).


Run the quality management system by creating and maintaining up to date records.


Contact the ISO certification body to conduct stage 1 and stage 2 audits.


Perform certification audit and get qualified.

Achieving iso 9001

ISO 9001 is the only standard in the ISO 9000 series which offers organisations the opportunity for certification. Achieving ISO 9001 certification proves that your organisation is a prominent player within its industry. These are a few of the benefits you may expect:  

What is included in this toolkit

This toolkit has all you need to get ISO 9001 certified without the expensive cost of hiring a consultant. The documents given to you are precisely what you need without additional paperwork. 

A 45-minute meeting to hand over your quality management manual, procedures, and forms.

Up to x5 documents that can be reviewed by Luke.

Lifetime access to e-mail Luke Desira for up to 100 emails.

50 step-by-step videos.

Presentation slides within the videos.

A quiz to assess your new knowledge.

A certification of completion.

Implementation Handbook: This is a how-to document for implementing ISO 9001 and has been refined by Luke Desira after successfully implementing his system with over 20 consultation clients.  

Implementation checklist: All-in-1 72-checkpoint assessment to ensure all 10 clauses of ISO 9001:2015 are covered.

For this request to be processed you should provide Luke with the external auditor’s report which states the non-conformance that led to failing the standard. Terms and conditions apply.  

Mapping out of key processes such as sales, purchasing, operations, design and development.

These manuals and forms are specially tailored by Luke for your business and are in line with ISO 9001:2015. They will be provided to you within 10 working days after purchase.

Meet the instructor


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What Luke does

Luke is a highly experienced management systems specialist with a passion for optimizing workplace procedures and practices. He strongly believes that organizations that implement effective procedures and practices are more successful than those that do not. Therefore, Luke has made it his mission to provide the necessary structure and direction in accordance with ISO standards, which allows companies to focus more of their time on running a successful business. 


Prioritizing efficiency as well as systemization, Luke focuses on empowering businesses to work faster, and not slower. To this end, Luke has developed a lean and effective systematic process that upscales productivity and quality resulting in sustainable growth – all whilst remaining agile. He has designed this toolkit with your success in mind and is ready to provide additional support through email. 

Why are customised documents vital to the success of ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 can be very successful depending on how you interpret the standard and its benefits for your specific industry and business.

Luke Desira has over 12 years of experience understanding the ISO 9001 standard and he has applied this knowledge to multiple companies, which has equipped him to recognize the individual requirements of different businesses and industries. A generic toolkit contains excessive documentation which would require you to decipher what is relevant for your company.

Luke believes in quality over quantity and strives to understand your business operations to give you only the exact documentation that you will need. You will be asked a few questions during the checkout process so that Luke can formulate your own personalised ISO 9001 documents and manuals within 10 working days.

This additional support will also make the change management process easier to implement. The goal is to simplify the implementation process so that you can easily introduce changes to your quality management system, even if you are completely new to ISO.

Certificate of Completion

Upon completing this course and passing the final quiz, you will be awarded a certificate of completion from Luke. The certificate exhibits your commitment to improving your quality management systems within your business and shows you are one step closer to achieving ISO certification. After successful completion, your company will be better equipped to pass external audits and become certified.  

Frequently Asked Questions

ISO 9001 forms a crucial foundation for other management systems. Besides helping businesses and organizations to gain efficiency efficient and improve customer satisfaction, getting ISO 9001 certification marks a proactive approach that fosters international trust.

Yes, this toolkit is custom-made for your specific industry & business.


Luke Desira assists you with custom templates, manuals and forms specific to your size and requirements, saving you the time and effort of customising these yourself.


Simply complete the questionnaire before making your purchase and your ISO 9001 Toolkit will be specifically tailored to your needs.

Definitely. There is no limit to the number of times the ISO 9001 Toolkit may be downloaded and installed on different pcs, provided that they all belong to the same company.

A certification audit must be performed by an accredited third-party and is not included with this toolkit. However, Luke’s professionally created toolkit is designed to help you fully prepare for your audit and gain certification with confidence.


Luke can provide you with a certificate of completion upon completing your toolkit training and successfully passing the final quiz.

Getting ISO 9001 certification is not just about having the right documentation, it is about putting efficient management systems in place. Certainly, documentation is a foundational aspect of your journey towards certification, but you will also need guidance on the best way to implement system procedures that work seamlessly within your company. This toolkit offers guidance on achieving all of this, complete with tailored professional templates and video tutorials.

Yes, upon completing your ISO training and successfully passing the final quiz you will be awarded a certificate of completion from Luke himself.

The best course out there for a quick reference for both instructor-based learning and provided documents just cater you up to full implementation and audits. Highly Recommended to all parties looking forward to a crash course over the weekend and want it fast and effective.


Zeeshan K.

Presentation are easy to understand and resources provided are valuable assets for getting started.


Daniel C.

I have been looking for a course about ISO 9001:2015 for a very long time – and this course is just what I was looking for! ISO 9001 Clauses explained in a way that I can understand, in a concise way – with the templates I need to implement the Quality Management System in our company. Thank you!


George B.

Nice and concise. Easy to consume


Richard B.

This course is concise and straight to the point yet, very informative. The lecturer has a lot of experience and uses simple and easy to understand English. The course also has great templates that I could use and implement at work. Well done, highly recommended.


Romilyn J.

That’s great. My mind is widely open related QMS.


Siti H.

I have been tasked with handling ISO 9001 certification at work. This course was extremely helpful with practical examples to help me apply ISO 9001 requirements to my place of work.

Also, the templates attached to the lectures provided me with a strong Foundation to implement ISO 9001:2015.


Matthew E

Prior to this course I had no knowledge of what ISO 9001:2015 was really about. Luke has done a great job in helping me understand the basics of the standard. Moreover, through the practical examples and templates provided within the course, I was able assist in the implementation and auditing of ISO 9001:2015 – just based on the requirements as defined within this course. Thank you!


Mark G.

Toolkit reviews

Rated 4.7 out of 5 based on 50+ reviews

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