ISO Certification for the travel & hospitality industry

Iso certification for the TRAVEL and HOSPITALITY Industry

Luke has ensured ISO accreditation for specific standards that ensure quality for the travel and hospitality industry. Getting ISO certification for the travel and hospitality industry is a must for your business to boom! Contact Luke now to start the process.

Overview on ISO certification for the travel and hospitality industry

The travel and hospitality industry is one of the most critical industries for some countries since this industry accounts for a large portion of the GDP of some nations. It is also becoming one of the most regulated industries with a number of ISO certification for the travel and hospitality industry available. Following the shutdown of all travel during the pandemic, travel is back with a vengeance. Going forward, we are seeing a massive shift of focus to sustainable events.

Companies within the travel and hospitality sectors are shifting their priority to sustainability. Some companies are choosing to go for ISO 20121 certification, which relates to creating sustainable events. Obtaining an ISO 20121 certification demonstrates to stakeholders, such as attendees, sponsors, and the media, that an event is committed to sustainability and is taking action to minimise its impact on the environment and enhance its social and economic benefits. It can also help event organisers to identify and address sustainability risks and opportunities, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.

By working with an ISO 20121-certified event organiser, companies can ensure that their events are sustainable and align with their own sustainability goals and values.

When it comes to sustainable events, we are not just talking about the natural environment but also making sure that any place where the event is done is boosted by the said events. By including smaller companies in these events, we are ensuring that there is present sustainable growth for smaller companies. The same can be done when using local produce in said events. Companies, through design, are ensuring a reduction in the carbon footprint by using products that are endemic to the country and, thus, reducing the need to transport the products over long distances.

Moreover, practical implementations to have more sustainable events are emphasised through this certification. One more example is the reduction, if not the elimination, of single-use plastics through the use of more sustainable materials and the elimination of waste-generation products such as fireworks. Additionally, through technology, companies can also help in avoiding the mass printing of menus and tickets through the use of QR codes.

Companies within the travel and hospitality industry can also use the ISO 9001 certification. This standard will enable companies to implement a quality management system which will provide the systems and structures needed by any org to ensure the needs of the customers are consistently being met. Through the use of a quality management system, companies can have solid structured systems that will enable them to make sure that they are working with high-quality suppliers.

Besides ensuring sustainable events, companies can also go the extra mile and seek ISO 14001 certification. This will enable companies to implement an environmental management system to have systems that will oversee the processes of a company and safeguard the natural environment simultaneously.

Such certifications are naturally inclined to help boost the position of the company coordinating the travel and hospitality aspect and the country where such operators work. As such, having these certifications will not only help to boost the position of the organisation from its competitors but is able to offer a more competitive product to the user who is constantly looking at more sustainable operations.

Contact Luke Desira to get your ISO certification for the travel and hospitality industry!

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