ISO Certification for the Oil and Gas Industry

Iso certification for the OIL and GAS industry

Luke has secured extensive ISO compliance across numerous categories for companies operating in the oil and gas industry. Achieve ISO certification for the oil and gas industry by contacting Luke!

Overview on ISO Certification for the oil and gas industry

More often than not, oil and gas firms operating from Malta or within the EU tend to focus on servicing companies who are actually doing oil exploration and extraction.

ISO certification for the oil and gas industry provide guidance on best practices and help ensure the safety, quality, and efficiency of operations in the industry. These standards cover a range of topics, including quality management, risk management, well integrity, subsea production systems, and offshore structures.

Adherence to ISO standards can help organisations in the oil and gas industry improve their operations, reduce costs, and enhance their reputation. It can also help them meet regulatory requirements and ensure the safety of their employees and the environment.

When it comes to ISO 9001, companies involved in this industry most predominantly will have to ensure that they are working with a reliable supplier(s). It is crucial to do some type of formal process for approving new suppliers and ensure the supplier evaluation process is working smoothly and effectively. This will ensure that suppliers consistently deliver high-value products and services to their clients working in hazardous and time-sensitive situations.

As experts in the oil and gas industry know, anything related to the oil and gas industry must be of exceptionally high quality. That is where having a quality management system based on ISO 9001 principles come into play. Implementing a management system based on ISO 9001 principles will help any organisation foster a culture of continual improvement towards meeting customer requirements when it comes to quality.

Apart from that, the oil and gas industry is inherently damaging planet Earth, and thus, it is crucial to make sure that companies operating in this industry do their outmost to make sure that they are protecting the environment – ideally through the reduction of consumption. By implementing ISO 14001, companies involved in this industry will benefit from knowing which activities generate the most type of waste/pollution. Therefore, by being equipped with such information, the management of such companies can make effective decisions to have tangible improvements in the reduction of negative environmental impact caused by the organisation.

Another essential element of companies involved in the oil and gas industry is health and safety. Of course, apart from money, companies have to have a social consciousness of ensuring everyone is cared for by minimising the risks of injury. By having an ISO 45001 management system, which is the international standard that looks after the health and safety of all employees – through the health management system, companies will have that extra reassurance that they are doing their utmost to protect the lives and the well-being of each and every one of their employees.

As such, these three management systems are what companies in the oil and gas industry would predominantly need – they are the basics of ISO certification for the oil and gas industry. However, they may also consider management systems related to risk management and/or asset management, where such standards would be beneficial for organisations with extremely complex and expensive day-to-day operations.

Over-all Efficiency with ISO Standards

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