ISO Certification for the Laboratories industry

Iso certification for The LABORATORIES Industry

Luke has ensured ISO accreditation for laboratories in developing their management system for quality, administrative and technical operations. Get in touch to get ISO certification for the laboratories industry.

Overview on ISO certification for the laboratories industry

Laboratories are one the most critical elements in many industries. Companies must be sure they can rely on the results obtained through laboratories and not worry that the laboratories are outputting false data. There exist different kinds of laboratories, for example, medical labs, construction labs used to test concrete and building materials, and labs for the gaming industry to test whether the random number generator is functioning as it should be. Anything that is measured and tested is generally done through a laboratory; therefore, it is vital to use a laboratory that provides accurate measurements. The best way to do this is to work with ISO accredited laboratories.

ISO accreditation for laboratories exists in two forms – ISO 17025, a generic one that applies to all labs and ISO 15189, a standard that is specific for labs that work in the pharmaceutical and medical industry. Besides needing the respective licenses to operate in the medical field, ISO 15189 is a critical tool that medical laboratories should have on top of the ISO 17025 standard. Accreditations can only be issued by a notified body that is regarded as a national institution. No certification body can simply accredit a laboratory for such standards. In Malta, we have the National Accreditation Body, also known as NAB, which is a governmental entity that oversees such accreditations.

Once you’re accredited for these two accreditations, your organisation will be in a class above all other labs that will allow you to gain more work opportunities and benefit from an increased brand reputation. Not accredited laboratories tend to hold a generally negative reputation that their outputs are inaccurate. This, of course, may or may not be the case. However, a laboratory that does not hold any type of accreditation can find it challenging to have the public or third parties rely on the measurements issued by the said laboratory.

This issue can indeed be raised in a court of law. Say person A has been caught with some sort of substance that is unknown. Suppose a laboratory that does not own any kind of accreditation had to perform a drug test. In that case, the defendant’s lawyer can argue that the result is inaccurate since the laboratory does not hold ISO accreditation. Moreover, in order for your company to secure major deals and work with governmental entities, it is vital to have some sort of accreditation to make your laboratory a formidable candidate.

Other ISO standards should also be considered to continue making your laboratory even more attractive than other laboratories. ISO 14001, which talks about the need to have an environmental management system, and ISO 45001, which holds the topic of health and safety in the highest regard, are excellent tools to propel your laboratory forward.

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Build Trustworthiness With ISO Standards

ISO Certification for the Laboratories industry


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