ISO Certification for the construction industry

Iso certification for the CONSTRUCTION Industry

Luke has helped many construction companies put structured and easy-to-follow quality management systems in place, so that they may maintain a good level of efficiency and productivity. Get your ISO certification for the construction industry now! 

Overview on ISO Certification for the construction industry

The construction industry has been the protagonist of a boom in recent history, both locally and abroad. However, the construction industry is often making headlines, and these are not for the good stuff. Just by looking at the news, one can see a pattern involving more and more construction-related incidents. Unfortunately, people are getting injured more often when working in construction sites, and sadly, some incidents also lead to deaths. This issue cannot go unnoticed; unfortunately, this whole thing cannot be blamed on a single entity. A series of events generally take place prior to the occurrence of a construction-related incident.

Prominent construction companies must make it a point to work solely with contractors that are ISO certified. One of the most critical ISO certification for the construction industry is ISO 9001. Quality management systems can drastically help in the reduction of these incidents. This certification will help construction companies work with contractors and suppliers who provide high-quality work and utilise suitable materials for building sites.

In the construction industry, materials should be tested and given a grade that will reflect on whether the materials (such as bricks and concrete) are suitable for construction purposes or not. Management systems governed by ISO will ensure that such testing is not skipped and that the respective results are considered. By performing such functions that are in line with the management system that suppliers and contractors should have, major incidents related to the collapsing of buildings which may lead to the loss of life are reduced.

Incidents concerning the health and safety of employees should not be overlooked. In fact, ISO 45001 is a crucial tool that every construction company should have. This standard will help companies set up management systems that will direct employees to perform actions that will not harm others or themselves. When operating heavy machinery, it is vital that health and safety are taken seriously and efforts for its continual improvement are made.

Additionally, construction companies are slowly becoming aware of the toll the construction industry has on the natural environment. Proper dumping of construction waste and using environmentally friendly construction materials are constantly on the agenda of NGOs that seek to protect the natural environment. ISO 14001 is the standard that will help companies showcase their efforts in safeguarding the natural environment. Through their own environmental management system, companies will make better decisions that are better suited for the environment.

ISO certification for the construction industry is not mandatory. However, the benefits companies will gain from implementing such standards are countless. New business opportunities will arise. Things will be done more responsibly through the respective roles that everyone will have in the management systems. The brand reputation of certified companies will only soar higher and higher.

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Drive Efficiency with ISO Standards


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