ISO Certification for the cleaning industry

Iso certification for the CLEANING Industry

Through Luke’s specialisation in ISO accreditation and the implementation of effective quality management systems, businesses in the cleaning industry can optimise operations and maximise output through the necessary ISO certification for the cleaning industry.

Overview on ISO Certification for the cleaning industry

The cleaning industry started being developed many years ago – since then, the companies have evolved drastically. Large enterprises started out by employing only a handful of people. Nowadays, some of them employ tens and hundreds of people.

Over the years, the importance of the cleaning industry has risen drastically, especially when it comes to public works and large institutions, such as factories and banks. Large entities realised that an organisation can only go forward if cleaning services are outsourced. As time passed, more businesses were getting their cleaning done via outsourcing. This only led to the formation of competitors within the industry as more and more cleaning companies began emerging.

For the companies to have a differentiating factor in showcasing that their cleansing services are much more distinctive than the competitors’, organisations started obtaining the necessary ISO certification for the cleaning industry. With ISO 9001, the client can be assured that the organisation providing these cleaning services has a very high standard, reflected in the service provision. The client can put his or her mind at ease that the outsourcing is being done by a professional company that takes care of all the nocks and crevices that an organisation may have. Moreover, the ISO 9001 Standard helps a business provide a more consistent service provision. This is key to the retention of clients and attracting new business clients.

The cleaning industry has shown its importance over the last few years through the Covid-19 pandemic. Cleansing services were required to be done in line with international levels. Companies certified with the ISO 9001 Standard benefitted much more than those with no certification. Client businesses only wanted to have their offices sanitised by a professional institution, and ISO 9001 worked its magic for those certified.

Over the years, the general population also started to change its mindset when it came to safeguarding the environment. Everyone started to become more environmentally conscious. This led companies within the cleaning industry to explore new ways to provide their services without harming the natural environment and heavily impacting the ecosystem of the area that is being cleaned. In this case, the ISO 14001 Standard will come in handy to secure deals with companies that keep the safeguarding of the natural environment close to their hearts.

In addition, when sending workers to clients, health and safety protocols are a must-have. The companies at the forefront of delivering these cleaning services in Malta made it a point to train their employees on the importance of safeguarding their own health as well as the clients’. Systems were put in place to ensure that health and safety practices were being followed throughout and ensuring that the service providers in the cleaning industry were not putting anyone in harm’s way through the use of chemicals. Previously, OHSA 18001 was the certification that oversaw the management system concerning a company’s health and safety protocols. This has been replaced with the ISO 45001 Standard.

When companies will achieve the necessary ISO certification for the cleaning industry, they will be eligible to work with the most prominent organisations in Malta and provide them with new opportunities that may even take these companies abroad.

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ISO Standards For the cleaning industry


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